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2/1/2013:  VersaCAD Spring 2013 Newsletter.  This newsletter is now available online.  Discover important information directly applicable to you by clicking here. (pdf format download)

11/03/2008:  How is VersaCAD for Windows different from other CAD? Find out here.

11/03/2008:  What VersaCAD for Windows users are saying. Find out here.

11/03/2008:  VersaCAD in the news. See a great review of VersaCAD for Windows in the January 2008 issue of CADALYST magazine, or read it online at this link. Other news items: CADalyst Archway Systems, Windows Vista Archway Systems - Windows Vista, CAD News Daily Latest CAD News, Ten Links Archway Unveils VersaCAD 2008 for Windows, AEC Caf� VersaCAD 2008 for Windows To Ship, CAD Wire VersaCAD 2008 for Windows To Ship (VersaCAD), DE online VersaCAD 2008 for Windows to Ship

11/10/2008:  Do you have 3 minutes? Watch VersaCAD application videos. Go here to see short 2 and 3 minute videos emphasizing various features of VersaCAD for Windows. Examples: quickest layout of a small floor plan (also applies to store and office layout), VersaCAD Explorer for managing drawings and libraries, as a mechanical example, see the easiest construction of a CAM and more to come.

11/3/2008:  VersaCAD�s Vector Fonts.  Over 130 custom fonts to meet every drafting or graphics need. All scalable either uniformly or nonuniformly. VersaCAD�s vector fonts have been used for: mechanical drafting, architectural drafting (including hand drawn fonts), civil and mapping, electrical schematics, Headstones, signs, stencils and more. Includes script fonts. No limit on size of smooth lettering, no matter how large the sign. Compatible with all printers and plotters.
View the pdf file here to see some of the fonts including: standard, block, slant, simplex, duplex, triplex, gothic, English, script, hand, complex, Italics, Roman, Helvetica, Avanto, Brity, Caarlto, Corryo, Dynaso, Franko, Frizyo, Carryo, Litho, Optimo, plus bold versions.

1/29/2007:  VersaCAD/Parking Structure. VersaCAD/Parking Structure is a complete system for automating the process of designing, detailing and drafting rectangular shaped, multi-story, reinforced concrete parking structures. For more information see our page here and a .pdf here (300KB download).

9/25/2006:  VersaCAD 2006 for Mac OS X Universal Binary Released: Read more about this here.

8/14/2006:  VersaCAD in the news.  Read the article here in OCMetro.

6/26/2006:  Review of VersaCAD in Machine Design.  Read the article here (1.6 MB .pdf file). For more information about VersaCAD Mac, see here.

Is This Site For You?

Do you teach or work on design projects in the fields of Architecture, Construction, and Civil and Mechanical Engineering?

Archway Systems, Inc. provides its own developed and copyrighted Computer-Aided-Design/Drafting (CADD) product called VersaCAD�.  VersaCAD is available on Windows, Macintosh and DOS platforms.  VersaCAD has been serving CADD users since the early 1980s and continues to be one of the most intuitive and user-friendly CADD products available today.

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