Premium Service

Archway Systems offers Premium Service to VersaCAD clients. This support service is provided to both the Professional and Academic markets.

Premium Service for Professionals

With Premium Service, clients receive phone support between 8:30am-5pm PST Monday through Friday. They also receive all upgrades and latest release at no additional cost. Premium Service is valid for one year and must be renewed each year.

Premium Service for Schools

We offer two products for schools:

  • Unlimited Campus License (includes Software License and Premium Service)

    • Phone support from 8:30am-5pm PST Monday through Friday
    • All upgrades and latest releases at no additional cost
    • One set each of the latest versions of VersaCAD for Windows and VersaCAD for Mac on CD
    • One copy of the VersaCAD Training Guide
    • Your right to copy on any number of computers on the campus
    • Your right to give or sell to students for their home computer
    • Your right to copy and distribute the VersaCAD Training Guide to enrolled students without paying royalties
    • 3.5 hours Video training for VersaCAD Windows
    • Price: $995 for the first year. Each additional year of support costs $595 per year.
  • Premium Service Unlimited Campus License
    • Available to schools who already have VersaCAD software
    • You will receive the latest software with purchase of Premium Service
    • Phone support from 8:30am-5pm PST Monday through Friday
    • All upgrades and latest release at no additional cost
    • Price: $595 per year


We offer training classes on VersaCAD products. These classes are offered at our Huntington Beach office. We can also do on site training as well. We can customize instruction to your specific needs.

VersaCAD Updates

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